Development Updates

Email System Fixed! Forum Announced 01/01/2016

Our email system is fixed so all emails should be sent automatically, no matter what email address you use, you should get your templates in minutes.

We're also happy to announce our new Developer Forum over at MineDev! Join today!

Waiting for your template? 05/06/15

Please be aware that our email system is currently 'faulty' and we're doing everything we can to fix this for the next release. If you don't receive your template straight away, you will recieve it within 4 hours. Thanks!

Sell Your Own Designs 27/04/15

We're currently working on a way for you, the user, to become a seller. We're working on setting up individual shops which will allow you to sell your own templates, graphics and videos etc.

This development will take a while, but we're getting close to working on it.

Payment: Considering the cost of running the GameTemplates servers, we will be taking around 10% of each sale on GameTemplates, for example if you sold something for $10, we'd keep $1 of it - alternatively there will be a Premium package with an annual cost, but this price is yet to be decided.

Want to check out some stores that are already up and running? (Warning, they may not be too perfect!)

If you're interested in becoming a seller: Email [email protected] (this is beta!)

Meow's Store  PaxDesigns' Store

A new Free Minecraft Template 23/04/15

We're currently working on a brand new free Minecraft HTML template called MineSquare which will be released shortly! Ensure you keep checking back!

View This Template

Welcome to GameTemplates 21/04/15

The new system has been launched, however there are still a few things that need to be worked on. We're planning on adding:

  • User Support;
  • Enhanced Account Security;
  • Product Categories;
  • Coupon Codes;
  • Account Creation Upon Purchase;
  • Email Subscriptions;

To those that previously purchased a website template/ theme:

If you previously purchased a website or theme from, you can still download it by logging in to your account here.

I hope you all like the new site, any feedback email [email protected] Peace.